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Solving Productivity Problems with Evernote

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Radical Productivity with Evernote Course

Join the most comprehensive self-paced video training course on Evernote ever offered. Learn to get radically productive with Evernote. It is the only Evernote skills course you'll ever need.

Stacey’s teaching style in the Radical Productivity with Evernote course is accessible and friendly, even for Evernote newbies like me. After digging into the course, I got inspired to get rid of all the clutter in my office. I spent a couple of hours scanning ALL of my paper documents into Evernote, including a massive “To Be Filed” pile that has been sitting next to my desk for years. Now it feels amazing to see a clean and clutter-free office every morning. Two MASSIVE thumbs up for Stacey, and for Radical Productivity with Evernote.
— Beth Hayden, Boulder, Colorado
I’ve really learned a lot! It is so much easier to use Evernote now. I love being able to find my stuff. When you start out with no instruction, you pick up a lot of bad habits. Having instruction makes a huge difference.
— Bill Aden, Blacksburg Virginia
OMG! Mind blow! 🤯🤯🤯Radical Productivity with Evernote is changing my life!
— Leah Goldstein, Realtor, Dallas, TX
Stacey, what an awesome job you have done with this course! I’m an Evernote Certified Consultant, and I’ve found that your training helps me smooth out all those little ‘rough spots’ that always show up when I’m sitting with a client. Your course gives great workarounds for those situations, and when I use what I’ve learned from you during my client meetings, it helps me look even more knowledgable. I am really learning tons, and I am so grateful I joined this course.
— Katie Manning Santos, Evernote Certified Consultant, Walnut Creek, California

Trauma-Free Taxes Course

This 6-week online course solves the stress of tax season. You’ll walk away with a system that yields easy tax prep – year after year – with Evernote.

And, Trauma-Free Taxes includes the Radical Productivity with Evernote course. You’ll have all the Evernote support you need.

“Existential dread – this is what tax time used to trigger in me. But as a result of Trauma-Free Taxes, I have a clear system set-up, I’ve learned how to maintain it, and I’m shocked to find that I now view taxes as (kind of) fun.”
— Stacey Morris,
Trauma-Free Taxes is an exceptionally well designed and taught course. I definitely recommend it. I’m more on top of my financial life than I have ever been. I’ve learned how easy the collection and processing of tax-related items can be. There will be no more waiting until the last minute to prepare my taxes!
— Susan Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics & Gynecology
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What Stacey teaches in Trauma-Free Taxes really works! It’s an information-packed course and very well organized. It has ended my overwhelm and now I’m actually excited to do my taxes!
— Teri Wojcik, Trauma-Free Taxes Graduate
Trauma-Free Taxes is a great course! The interaction, especially during the live Q&A sessions, was fantastic!
— Leah Goldstein, Realtor
Trauma-Free Taxes not only made tax season more relaxing but also made me aware of how much of my life’s work Evernote really can help me to manage. This course is tremendously valuable. I highly recommend it.
— Dean Brown, Bereavement Coordinator, High Peaks Hospice
As I live in the UK, I wasn’t certain that Trauma-Free Taxes would apply to me. But, it DID take the stress away from sorting out and filing my tax return. Before the course, I was all over the place with my documentation but Stacey showed me a path to simplify my system. It doesn’t have to be difficult! I now know a better way.
— Adam Sussman, Trauma-Free Taxes Graduate

EverDone Community and Guide

EverDone is a proven system for practicing GTD® in Evernote. And EverDone is so much more than a PDF guide. It’s a community of active GTD practitioners who all speak the GTD language and are practicing GTD in Evernote. EverDone’ers get things done!

EverDone has had a very big impact on how I manage my GTD® system and my Evernote account. Thank you Stacey!
— Joke Aerts, EverDone Customer
Just a heartfelt, huge ginormous thank you. Blending together two such valuable tools (Evernote and GTD) and has been just amazing.
— EverDone Community Member
I love the EverDone Community and the guided Weekly Review. I get SO much more done than I would have on my own!
— EverDone Community Member

Evernote Settings Guide

Fine tune your Evernote settings to get an instant productivity boost. This step-by-step guide walks you through configuring the rock-solid Evernote foundation you need to use Evernote with ease. Guides available for both Mac and Windows.

Although I’ve used Evernote for years, I’ve found the Evernote Desktop Settings Guide useful in helping me take a fresh look at how I had things set up. It’s given me the impetus to do a make-over and re-familiarize myself with some settings. It’s also pushed me to think about keyboard shortcuts that I can use to improve navigation. Thanks for this guide!
— Allan Palmer
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Achieve Inbox Zero with Evernote

Your Gmail is a hot mess. You’re ready to change that – for good. This course will teach you how to reclaim control of your inbox and create the space to focus on what matters to you.