Evernote Training Videos

The first step to Evernote productivity is getting your settings right on all your devices. Get Ready, Get Settings, Go! walks you through what you need to do and positions you for maximum productivity.

Use Evernote to effectively collaborate. Stacey's presentation from the 2014 Evernote Conference on Effortless Teamwork: Evernote for Seamless Workflows shows you how.

Learn how Evernote is changing how we collaborate on projects in Work Chat, Sharing & Collaborative Workflows. Watch to see how to apply this new Evernote feature to your workflows.

April 15th doesn't need to cause stress. Tax pain relief is possible with Evernote and special guest Chris Remus shows you how. Stacey and Kristi also teach their system for Taming Taxes with Evernote.

You don't want to search - you want to find! Learn the Ins and Outs of Evernote Search. From basic to advanced search techniques, find what you are looking for every time in Evernote.

Lose the shoebox full of receipts. Managing Receipts and Expenses with Evernote shows you how. Evernote is the perfect tool for managing receipts and expenses in a modern and digital way.


Mac users: Get your Evernote for Mac workspace properly configured and optimized. Read more and watch the Proper Evernote Settings and Configuration Demo for Mac video

Can Evernote be an effective task manager? Stacey says YES and shows you how in To Do or Not To Do: Evernote & Task Management. Kristi counters with a task management process of her own.

Get rid of that stack of business cards on your desk and use Evernote to convert those contacts into leads. Watch to learn top Strategies for Managing Leads and Business Cards with Evernote.

Evernote can greatly simplify the process of creating and managing content. Learn how to use Evernote app partners Postach.io and FastPencil in Publishing with Evernote: Blogs, Books & More

Evernote Business can change how you work. In Going All In: Upgrading to Evernote Business, learn why to invest in Evernote Business for your team and key considerations that impact deployments.

Basic Evernote skills include using notes, notebooks, stacks and tags; sharing; using the web clipper; and simple search. Watch Core Skills and Tips to learn these features and more.

Notebooks vs stacks? Tags or notebooks? Just two of the questions answered in Strategies and Tips for Organizing Your Notes in Evernote. Get practical case studies for organizing Evernote now.

How do you structure your notebooks and stacks to effectively collaborate? Best Practices for Collaborating with Evernote walks you through top workflows, strategies and tips from two experts.

Stacey Harmon and Kristi Wills report live from the 2014 Evernote Conference in San Francisco with the major Evernote product announcements from day 1 of the conference and more.

Discussions on Evernote and its role in the business of real estate, with REALTORS and industry leaders:

Realtor Ranny Welton is a big fan of using Evernote for his real estate practice. Learn what role Evernote plays in his day to day operations and how it intersects with his CRM.

Curaytor's Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin talk with Stacey Harmon about how to become and Evernote expert in this lively discussion and one of the most replayed episodes of the #WaterCoooler series.

Stacey Harmon talks with Realtor Dean Ouellette, author of Evernote for Real Estate, about how he uses Evernote as a transaction manager in working with buyers and sellers.

Mobile Agent TV hosts Michael Thorne and David Fauquier talk with Stacey Harmon about the top 10 Evernote pro tips for REALTORS® in another cutting edge talk about real estate insights. 

Realvolve is the first real estate industry CRM to integrate with Evernote and Stacey Harmon talks with founder Dave Crumby on the role of a CRM, and the role of Evernote in real estate.